A Stella Piece of Staff Engagement

My Food Bag

You get so much more out of your staff when they’re healthy and happy.”
Nadia Lim, My Food Bag

A Serco Study conducted a couple of years ago, showed that increased employee engagement was accompanied by a 12% increase in customer satisfaction levels and a significant double digit revenue and margin growth over a three year period.

Yet globally, only *13% of employees state they are engaged.

So I was thrilled to read this week about a Company close to home embracing the concept of staff engagement – one which many organisations simply give lip service too.

A huge congratulations to the leadership team inside My Food Bag for their stella new Parental Leave Scheme. A genuine and meaningful commitment to their people and from my perspective a ‘shout out’ to the power and financial return enhanced staff engagement delivers.

My Food Bag’s initiative carries a significant cost to the organisation, yet the return and reward far outweighs it:

1. Reduced staff turn-over
2. Healthier and happier staff – leading to less “sick” days (incidentally, the annual cost of staff absence to the NZ economy is around $1.4 billion)
3. Enhanced loyalty and commitment
4. Higher productivity
5. Improved customer service
6. Enhanced brand equity
7. Brand affiliation among target consumers
8. PR opportunities
9. Enhanced reputation among job seekers Рattracting the best talent

Cecilia Robinson (CEO of My Food Bag) said the scheme was part of their plan to become the best workplace in Australasia. “It’s a win-win, because it will increase [staff well-being] and research shows … happiness and positivity can only increase productivity and profitability.”

Read about My Food Bags Parental leave scheme here.