Work/Life Balance: An archaic concept.

By Emily Turnbull


Happy New Year. Almost two weeks in, so how many New Year’s resolutions and promises have you made already? Can I add one more to the list?

From today, in fact from this very moment, you can stop. Stop and stand still.  Burn the self-help books and take a breath. Just stop running after the impossible, the unattainable, the unhealthy and the just plain wrong ideal of … a work/life balance.

A work/life balance is an archaic contradiction in itself. It implies two things:

1. That life and work are separate entities – that you don’t bring your life to work. Since when? It’s widely agreed for better staff engagement, people must be encouraged to bring their own identity and life (warts and all) to the workplace.

2. A definition of balance is to have an even distribution of weight – so what, 50% of you as a human being is “work” and 50% of you is the entirety of what makes up the rest of your life. How is that idea remotely balanced and healthy?

The concept of a work/life balance immediately throws your life out of balance.  Surely striving for a concept which is flawed from the outset, yet promoted as a driver of success and happiness so often, is setting us up for failure.

I propose for 2016 we throw the work/life balance concept out with the New Year celebration empty bottles!  Instead, lets start striving towards a Life Balance – with work being a component of that, just as health, family, friends, finance, travel, passions etc are too.

So be gone you archaic concept of Work/Life balance. I’m tipping you off my scales from today.
My measure is Life. The whole package.

If you’d like help creating a life balance, contact Emily Turnbull here (Dip.Life Coach)