Want a payrise? Take time off this Christmas.

By Emily Turnbull



Ever felt like you need a holiday to simply recover from the extra hours and stress you’ve carried to get ahead of your work, so you can take a holiday?

We live life at speed. We speed date, we speed dial, we speed read to our kids (skipping words or even pages where possible), we speed. We use text abbreviation to save us writing the whole word and even though it’s illegal, we send that text while sitting at the red light to save us time. We rush through our task-orientated day, so that we’re in good stead to rush through our task-orientated day tomorrow.

How often have you said to yourself “I’m too busy to take a holiday” or even thought that taking a holiday from work sends a negative message to management, owners or a board – that I’m weak, I can’t handle the pace, I’m not 100% committed to my job.

You wouldn’t be alone and these are all sentiments that I’ve experienced myself, particularly as the pace and pressures of life seem to…speed up.

However, new research out from the States called Project: Time off shows that putting the breaks on and taking a holiday can actually increase your likelihood of getting a raise or a promotion among other benefits. Here’s a list of reason’s why it makes good life sense to take a break this Christmas period and encourage your staff to do so too:

Increase your chance of a promotion or pay raise.
According to Project: Time Off, people who take all of their holiday allocation, have a 6.5% higher chance of getting a promotion or a pay raise, than people who have more than 11 days owing at any given time.

If you don’t, you’re essentially taking a pay cut!
It’s not brain surgery. If you’re a salaried employee and paid holidays are part of your package, than essentially you’re taking a pay cut when you work rather than take a break.

Recharge the batteries
Human beings are not robots.  To be positive and highly engaged in the workforce, research shows that your brain needs periodic breaks – the tank needs filling up.  The fresh perspective and energy which comes from taking a holiday drives personal happiness, which becomes your safety harness when pressures of life speed towards you.

It makes business sense
Shawn Anchor, NYT best seller and author of In The Happiness Advantage quotes research showing that when the brain can think positively, productivity improves by 31% and sales increase by 37%.

The ripple effect:
Stan Phelps for Forbes says “There is a knock-on or ripple effect when employees take time away from the office. Employees come back to work after time away more refreshed and productive. In addition, time away from work reduces stress. Employees with reduced stress tend to be healthier. Healthier employees tend to be more engaged. Engaged employees create happy enthused customers. Happier customers come back more often and bring their friends. Repeat customers and referrals create a strong bottom line.”

So if you’re questioning whether or not it’s a good idea to take a break this Christmas, add “complete leave form” to your task list for today and quickly get it done. Its good for your Company, good for your career and good for you.