Engagement: The Glue Binding People & Brands

By Emily Turnbull.
88% of businesses believe they deliver an “excellent” customer experience. Unfortunately, only 8% of their customers agree. No matter what a business throws at their organisation, the reality is it will never be better than what the customers and staff experience and believe to be true…

Culture and Engagement: The naked organisation

Global Human Capital Trends Report by Deloitte. Summarised by Emily Turnbull
Earlier this year Deloitte released their Global Human Capital Trends Report, which had a fascinating chapter focused on culture and engagement…

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Engagement Is Everything

In a world where customers & staff have vast choice, high expectations & the ability to share & be guided by crowd sourced reviews, building meaningful connections has become critical. There lies an intrinsic link between people engagement & the success of an organisation. No matter what you throw at your business, it will never be better than what… Continue Reading